Life has a funny way of throwing you some curve balls… and I mean some pretty big ones… so big that sometimes they feel like snowballs coming at you from miles and miles away… by the time they get near, they are now 10 feet taller than you!

That’s how life has felt lately… You know… You’re doing your best to stay afloat, but every time you dig yourself out of one of those snowballs, the next one hits and you’re right back where you started… that’s how it’s felt for so long, and well, we have two choices! We either become pros at digging ourselves out and eventually make it completely out of the way!… or we just get buried and learn to live that way… I don’t know about you, but I rather keep digging and trying to move out of the way… …

You see, I’ve never been a believer of being a victim of circumstances. God knows there’s been plenty of events to justify drowning, I’m sure that’s true for a lot of us… and society will remind you so daily, and statistics will help us stay within that place of comfort… … In my case, let’s leave everything else aside for a minute, let’s just start with two years ago… Two years ago, my mother passed away after battling lupus for months and months… that was the biggest hit a girl can sustain I think, at least for me it was… My dad passed away 6 months later… to the day… while on vacation!… my kids lost their grandparents in what seemed like seconds… I lost my parents, we lost our family… & some people don’t know this, but yes, my marriage fell apart too… All in all, I found myself broken and feeling more than alone…

Even then, kids need their mommy, especially after so many losses… so I’d wait until I was in my bedroom alone and cry myself to sleep, I’d cry in the shower and then pull myself together every morning, I’d cry on the way back from work, and every time, I’d pull myself together to try to be the mom they deserved, go to work, keep the family afloat, and keep functioning daily… Don’t even get me started on how worthless I felt as a woman…

Little by little you lick your wounds, you go through the pain, you cry and you get mad and sad and angry… but little by little… you find yourself again… and you find the strength to keep going… I’m leaving out a lot of details on finding my way again, on death, on defeat, on marriage, on figuring it all out… but that’s too much for one post… for now, let’s just talk about becoming the pro on dodging these snowballs and not letting them bury you… because you can’t… YOU are the owner of your life, it’s your court, you can choose to defend it or you can choose to drown… its all in you!

Whether we like to admit it or not, it’s all in us! We take the hit, we dig ourselves out and we keep fighting or we choose to live buried in the snow with very little movement or choice as to where or how to move, what or who to be…

Keep digging! Keep fighting! Keep growing!!… You have the power! YOU have the strength! Don’t let life drive you… You are the driver! You and only YOU are who determines where to go, who to be, who to become!! How far to go! FOCUS!! RISE ABOVE!!… Always!!


Trend Alert!!


I know I’m totally dating myself here, but I remember being little and having a nice black velvet dress, which I adored! But was only allowed to wear on “special occasions”. My abuelita used to say velvet was a very elegant material which should only be worn when the occasion merited it.

Let’s forward to 2017!… Yes just a few short years! 😉 and VELVET is everywhere!! It’s no secret that I love JustFab & Shoedazzle! They are top on my favorite monthly clubs’ list! and my one-stop fashion experts! Not just because of the items they sell, but because through them, I have met amazing, strong, independent, beautiful women! Amazing fashionistas! Bloggers! Professionals! Confident! Rocking women! & yes! Real fashion gurus! Which I will tell you all about in another post!

Where was I? Ah! Velvet!… I was browsing these sites and checking out my awesome bloggers and velvet was everywhere!… It took me a bit to process, but I finally jumped on the trend and I am thankful I did! I need to show you some of my favorite items!! Because Oh Em Gee!

Hazel Crossbody Bag from Shoedazzle! I know right!?

Velvet Booties!! Casual and chic in Kalene or BAM! You cannot take your eyes away from me Sonia!… #Fire!

What about Cosette!?! These ballerina-like pumps are nothing but sexy & romantic! All wrapped around your ankle, in a very sexy bow!

Janessa! Not exactly velvet I know, I digress!… But hello! She’s beautiful! And this flower trend is also everywhere! ❤️

Last but not least, Slouchy Velvet Sweater! LOVE!… So much so, that I ordered it, received it, and promptly wore it to a concert for Mexican Fiestas weekend in Vegas! In which I saw two of my favorite papacitos! Alejandro Fernandez & Pepé Aguilar! Shheeeaaaooowww! It’s getting HOT in here!

I unfortunately did not get to meet Pepé in person, but hanging out with his mariachi band totally counts! Doesn’t it!?!? I know it does!

I KNOW!! 😍 Yes! You are welcome!… and thank you for letting me blabber about fashion trends too! 😉

Until next time! XOXO!


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Bear With Me… Maybe Even Bare With Me!…

I know I abandoned my blog for a while and even though I didn’t mean to, well… life happens. There’s been a lot going on since our last talk, deaths, tears, smiles, more deaths, some endings, some new beginnings, some career growth, and well, some issues where I’m still stuck… In any case, I’m going to give this a shot and tell you a little bit about this journey, which I’m sure some of you can identify with.

Hopefully we can share some laughs, some tears, some growth, and some fashion too!!


Review on Skinny Jeans!?!? Me??… Yup!

jeansHave you ever put on a pair of jeans that just make you feel girly, cute, sexy and oh so comfy?!?!?! ME TOO!! I just have tell you about JustFab jeans! They are the bomb!

I was a little iffy at first and not so much because of the jeans, but because they are skinny jeans. I thought to myself ‘I am a mom of three, I don’t wear skinnies!’. In the meantime, everyone was raving about them and I kept seeing people pair them up with casual outfits and going out outfits and everyone was loving them. I thought ‘what the heck!’. I am a JustFab Brand Ambassador and when they suggested I try them for free, well I had to jump at the opportunity!! I chose skinny jeans in a gray lace print. These are way out of my comfort zone! Yes! My comfort zone is pretty narrow! Lol

I put them on and I have to tell you OMG!! I love them!! I love them way more than I thought I would!! They are thin and they adjust to your body. They hug my curves and they feel amazing. I kept looking in the mirror and really trying to find something wrong so as not to step out of my mommy comfort zone, but I just couldn’t!

I paired them up with two going out outfits. Hey! I’m a mom! I don’t make it out too often! Haha… I was getting home from the gym when I tried them on so yeah pardon the whole no make-up! Anyway, I wanted to share this with you because you really must try them! They are regularly $39.95 and you can buy one, get one half off!. If you are new to this monthly shoe club, you will love it! Please read the terms and conditions! You can cancel anytime, but it is a monthly club! 😉 Any questions? Leave me a comment! I would love to hear what you think! J

To join JustFab, follow my link –>

Thank you 🙂

PS This is me after loosing 25 lbs! Yayy! Follow me for more updates!! 🙂

The Picture From Hell!

blog… Have you ever waken up and felt so good? I mean really just sexy and cute! You get dressed, you get to work and you are feeling great and confident! You even look in the mirror and go “Yeah, I’m looking cute today!”… All of the sudden, coworker’s b-day!! Let’s take PICS! You are walking around, feeling good, pics are being taken!! and you smile and you are thinking you are going to need a copy of that pic!… After all it should probably be your new profile pic on facebook!… You get a copy later on! uuhh how exciting!… open up the file! and BAAMM!!… WHO the HECK is this person in the picture?? This fat, sad looking woman in the pic is not me!! This is not how I looked! This is not me! I was feeling awesome! I was looking sexy! I remember looking in the mirror! Stupid assistant probably got me at a wrong angle!….

… and the next party comes… and the next… and the next…. and people keep getting that wrong angle and pics keep getting deleted and all of the sudden you find yourself hiding in the background of all the group pics, or taking the pic yourself so you don’t have to be in it… then you look and you look and you find that the last pic that was taken of you, the last one you liked… and it’s from high school… or college… and years have passed you by and you no longer see that cute person in the mirror…

That’s where I was!… I decided enough was enough and I was going to do something about it. After a few failed attempts…. well, maybe not failed, but after looking for a few shortcuts or quick changes, even a few intense workouts at which I sucked!… I decided to start changing the way I eat! (noticed I “changed the way I eat”, I didn’t “start dieting”, the word “dieting” alone makes me want to eat more! Plus I knew it had to be a long term change in order to work). I dropped sweet breads (I’m Mexican, I LOVE sweet bread! Dam!). I dropped the sodas, the huge servings of pastas and rice and beans and tortillas! I started drinking more water, making trips to the salad bar first, before touching anything else, eating a little slower so my brain had time to process my full stomach, I avoided buffets as much as I could, fast food places, etc.

The first two weeks were hell! I was craving everything under the sun, but I knew I had to take it seriously, so I resisted… and although it felt like the world would end, it didn’t!… …. I am now exercising and eating better, feeding my kids healthier food and getting more active as a family! Wish I can say it was easy… it’s not… I trip and fall a few times along the journey, I skip the gym here and there… but I always get up and keep going again!!… Why?? Because I want to see that cute sexy mommy I see in myself, in all the pictures people take… I want the world to see me, as I see me! I want to run with my kids and not huff and puff at the end, I want to live to be 100 years old and meet my grandkids and great grandkids… later, way later!! I’m no grandma yet!! lol…. and yes, I want to turn eyes still… no harm intended… just turn some heads here and there… don’t we all?

Chaging the way we eat and exercising is not easy that’s for sure…. but it’s definitely worth it!!

I am not where I want to be yet, but I will get there… I know I will….

New Year! Let’s touch on Fashion?….

HiralYeah I know, I know! I am not a very good blogger, I blog once in a while and I rather stay sort of in the background… I haven’t defined my blog as fashion, romance, womanhood, etc… I am a mother, a wife, a sister a daughter, a friend, a woman and all these aspects are equally important to me, so I think I will not define what this blog is about… Just womanhood!!…

A few years ago I started looking into online shoe clubs. Not by my choice, but by my husband’s suggestion believe it or not…. I had just had our second child and he suggested I look for something that I’d like. He loves electronics, what guy doesn’t right? He is passionate about them! and I really had nothing close to that “love”… So I signed up for shoedazzle and for JustFab… I absolutely love the latter, eventhough at one point I loved both!

I went from having about 3 or 4 pairs of shoes to possible a few hundred… Yeah I rather not count! GULP!!… This is my latest purchase from JustFab!! Her name is Hiral and she is amazing!!

Hiral is true to size and it feels like you are walking on air!! She is sooo comfy! You can dress her up or down, the detail on the back is so chic! I love it!!

JustFab is an online monthly shoe club, so when you purchase something, you become a monthly VIP member, which means, each 1st of the month you will get a new showroom with brand new styles to choose from! You have 5 days to purchase or skip the month. If you do neither, your card will be charged $39.95 and you will have a credit to spend on whatever you choose! You can cancel anytime and you can skip as many months as you wish!

If you would like to signup for JustFab, please follow my invite link!

Invite –>


It’s A Relationship!… Now What??…


So you’ve been after this girl for years and years! You’ve worked on courtship! Flowers, dinners, movies, walks on the beach, long talks on the phone and in person! You have even gone to see chick flicks or gone out dancing even when you hate to dance! And BAM!! She has now finally said YES! Congratulations!….. Now what??…. Well, let’s say you get in a serious relationship, let’s say you even get married. You have kids and you live happily ever after! Thank God you put up with those chick flicks right? No more courtships! No more going out dancing with her and those crazy friends of her, right…. WRONG!!


In the heart of a woman says…. You are wrong Mister… I mean let’s face it, men aren’t generally romantic, I get it… Sometimes it’s nicer to sit at home with a beer, your girl and an action flick, yes? We get it! We really do, sometimes we like that as well… I am all for sitting with my man to have a beer and just vege out!… But you know what? Women like to feel important and special ALL the time, we need those reminders of how you’ve made us feel at the beginning, we need to feel loved and special. We like those butterflies in our stomach when you tell us how beautiful we look today!


I know things change, life gets hectic, work gets crazy, kids take up your time or a new job or school, a new career, a new business venture… and you feel so sure of the love you have for each other that you just trust it will be there always! But that is not the case! People start drifting apart, going with the daily routine and all of the sudden POOF! Your relationship is over! Don’t wait until then to try to salvage what you had. Work on your relationship now! Keep it strong, build the strong foundations now so that one day, it will withstand the storms!… We don’t need much. A flower here and there will tell us you still care. A compliment on how beautiful we look, on how hard we are working to get to the next level on our careers, on how hard we worked on dinner, etc… A thank you for a great dinner, for a clean house will tell us you noticed and you appreciate the effort. An out of the blue outing, will tell us you are still that adventurous awesome guy we met and fell in love with!… Now when I say outing, I don’t mean save money and take us across the world! A trip to the movies will suffice, a quick trip to grab some ice cream or a cup of coffee! We’re not difficult, we just want to know you care!…. And of course date night! Who can forget date night? Leave the problems at home and enjoy a glass of wine with your love! A stroll to the park! A walk by where you proposed!… A simple “I love you!”, “I am thankful that you are in my life”, “I thank you for being my love, my wife, my rock”… Is thank too much to ask?


Little things here and there will serve to keep your relationship strong. It will help build solid foundations for the stormy seasons (and believe me there will be some stormy seasons!). It will help build that strong marriage/relationship, which nowadays seems to elude us all….

What Takes Priority – Womanhood Or Motherhood? Must There Be A Choice??

I am married with children… Been married over ten years and my kids are toddlers… I am happy… Fairly happy… I mean don’t get me wrong I love my kids and I believe motherhood is the greatest blessing a woman can experience! But we can talk a little bit more about that later.

Now, what happens after? Now that the children are here and you have become so busy with life and your duties as parents, that you unintentionally stop taking care of you as a woman, or you as a man and you and him, as a couple??

Life gets hectic, you have work, kids, homework, soccer or football lessons, ballet lessons, laundry, chores, food to cook, etc, etc… When do you have time for just you? When do you have time for you and him as a couple?

I suppose you make time. How do you make time? What suffers? What do you put aside? How do you decide what doesn’t get done and furthermore, what if only one of you is trying to make time to be together as a couple and keep the flame alive? Do you try to make him or her understand you must try? That you must make that time? That you must put the gruesomeness of a very very busy day aside and gather strength to possibly have a decent conversation with your spouse and try to keep the flame alive?

Is there always a need to “make the time” and “keep the flame alive”? What if one person is content with just doing the parent thing, but not really in the mood to do the couple’s thing? Not because he or she is a mean person, but because maybe he or she is thinking marriage is marriage, it’s there forever and it’s there for better or for worse… What then?….




I have not managed to come and blog like I should ~ “In the heart of a woman” ~ it can cover so much… The heart is so simple yet so complex… You can conquer a woman’s heart with just a simple flower… Yet you can break it with just it’s simple absence…