What Takes Priority – Womanhood Or Motherhood? Must There Be A Choice??

I am married with children… Been married over ten years and my kids are toddlers… I am happy… Fairly happy… I mean don’t get me wrong I love my kids and I believe motherhood is the greatest blessing a woman can experience! But we can talk a little bit more about that later.

Now, what happens after? Now that the children are here and you have become so busy with life and your duties as parents, that you unintentionally stop taking care of you as a woman, or you as a man and you and him, as a couple??

Life gets hectic, you have work, kids, homework, soccer or football lessons, ballet lessons, laundry, chores, food to cook, etc, etc… When do you have time for just you? When do you have time for you and him as a couple?

I suppose you make time. How do you make time? What suffers? What do you put aside? How do you decide what doesn’t get done and furthermore, what if only one of you is trying to make time to be together as a couple and keep the flame alive? Do you try to make him or her understand you must try? That you must make that time? That you must put the gruesomeness of a very very busy day aside and gather strength to possibly have a decent conversation with your spouse and try to keep the flame alive?

Is there always a need to “make the time” and “keep the flame alive”? What if one person is content with just doing the parent thing, but not really in the mood to do the couple’s thing? Not because he or she is a mean person, but because maybe he or she is thinking marriage is marriage, it’s there forever and it’s there for better or for worse… What then?….


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