New Year! Let’s touch on Fashion?….

HiralYeah I know, I know! I am not a very good blogger, I blog once in a while and I rather stay sort of in the background… I haven’t defined my blog as fashion, romance, womanhood, etc… I am a mother, a wife, a sister a daughter, a friend, a woman and all these aspects are equally important to me, so I think I will not define what this blog is about… Just womanhood!!…

A few years ago I started looking into online shoe clubs. Not by my choice, but by my husband’s suggestion believe it or not…. I had just had our second child and he suggested I look for something that I’d like. He loves electronics, what guy doesn’t right? He is passionate about them! and I really had nothing close to that “love”… So I signed up for shoedazzle and for JustFab… I absolutely love the latter, eventhough at one point I loved both!

I went from having about 3 or 4 pairs of shoes to possible a few hundred… Yeah I rather not count! GULP!!… This is my latest purchase from JustFab!! Her name is Hiral and she is amazing!!

Hiral is true to size and it feels like you are walking on air!! She is sooo comfy! You can dress her up or down, the detail on the back is so chic! I love it!!

JustFab is an online monthly shoe club, so when you purchase something, you become a monthly VIP member, which means, each 1st of the month you will get a new showroom with brand new styles to choose from! You have 5 days to purchase or skip the month. If you do neither, your card will be charged $39.95 and you will have a credit to spend on whatever you choose! You can cancel anytime and you can skip as many months as you wish!

If you would like to signup for JustFab, please follow my invite link!

Invite –>


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