Bear With Me… Maybe Even Bare With Me!…

I know I abandoned my blog for a while and even though I didn’t mean to, well… life happens. There’s been a lot going on since our last talk, deaths, tears, smiles, more deaths, some endings, some new beginnings, some career growth, and well, some issues where I’m still stuck… In any case, I’m going to give this a shot and tell you a little bit about this journey, which I’m sure some of you can identify with.

Hopefully we can share some laughs, some tears, some growth, and some fashion too!!


The Picture From Hell!

blog… Have you ever waken up and felt so good? I mean really just sexy and cute! You get dressed, you get to work and you are feeling great and confident! You even look in the mirror and go “Yeah, I’m looking cute today!”… All of the sudden, coworker’s b-day!! Let’s take PICS! You are walking around, feeling good, pics are being taken!! and you smile and you are thinking you are going to need a copy of that pic!… After all it should probably be your new profile pic on facebook!… You get a copy later on! uuhh how exciting!… open up the file! and BAAMM!!… WHO the HECK is this person in the picture?? This fat, sad looking woman in the pic is not me!! This is not how I looked! This is not me! I was feeling awesome! I was looking sexy! I remember looking in the mirror! Stupid assistant probably got me at a wrong angle!….

… and the next party comes… and the next… and the next…. and people keep getting that wrong angle and pics keep getting deleted and all of the sudden you find yourself hiding in the background of all the group pics, or taking the pic yourself so you don’t have to be in it… then you look and you look and you find that the last pic that was taken of you, the last one you liked… and it’s from high school… or college… and years have passed you by and you no longer see that cute person in the mirror…

That’s where I was!… I decided enough was enough and I was going to do something about it. After a few failed attempts…. well, maybe not failed, but after looking for a few shortcuts or quick changes, even a few intense workouts at which I sucked!… I decided to start changing the way I eat! (noticed I “changed the way I eat”, I didn’t “start dieting”, the word “dieting” alone makes me want to eat more! Plus I knew it had to be a long term change in order to work). I dropped sweet breads (I’m Mexican, I LOVE sweet bread! Dam!). I dropped the sodas, the huge servings of pastas and rice and beans and tortillas! I started drinking more water, making trips to the salad bar first, before touching anything else, eating a little slower so my brain had time to process my full stomach, I avoided buffets as much as I could, fast food places, etc.

The first two weeks were hell! I was craving everything under the sun, but I knew I had to take it seriously, so I resisted… and although it felt like the world would end, it didn’t!… …. I am now exercising and eating better, feeding my kids healthier food and getting more active as a family! Wish I can say it was easy… it’s not… I trip and fall a few times along the journey, I skip the gym here and there… but I always get up and keep going again!!… Why?? Because I want to see that cute sexy mommy I see in myself, in all the pictures people take… I want the world to see me, as I see me! I want to run with my kids and not huff and puff at the end, I want to live to be 100 years old and meet my grandkids and great grandkids… later, way later!! I’m no grandma yet!! lol…. and yes, I want to turn eyes still… no harm intended… just turn some heads here and there… don’t we all?

Chaging the way we eat and exercising is not easy that’s for sure…. but it’s definitely worth it!!

I am not where I want to be yet, but I will get there… I know I will….